This Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms of Usage and shall apply to all the information collected on  All users of this website are expected to go through this policy and biology-online  presumes that you have read and accepted this policy when you use our services.

1. Personal Information – What do we collect?

Biology-online would be required to know who you are to render our services that best suits you and your needs. To

enable the services, either through browsing, or through any interaction including but not limited to emails, or other

correspondence, we seek your information that could personally identify you. You hereby accept and consent to the

collection of such information by Biology-online. Without prejudice to the generality of the above, information

collected by us from you may include personal information about the student/parent/guardian including the first and

last name, age, grade, contact email address, parent/guardian first name and last name, telephone/cell number,

email, etc. 

2. Why do we collect and how we use your information?

Biology-online collects your personal information to help us serve you better. We use your personal information

collected to provide personalised tutorial sessions for you, to improve your sessions, obtain feed backs from you, fee


payment, respond to your requests for schedule change to contact you in case of unavailability of  the tutor/ change of


schedule etc. We may also use your information for improving our website and services and also for our marketing


and promotional purposes. You may opt for not sharing certain information with us however you may not be able to


utilise our services completely upon withholding information.

3. Storage and sharing of information

Biology-online values transparency and understands that your privacy is important to you and to us. Personal data that you provide us has been, is and will be used in a very careful way. We respect and value the privacy of all our current and prospective customers. We will only collect and use personal data in the ways which are described above, and which are consistent with our obligations and your rights.

4. Our sessions

Our session lasts for 2 hours , twice a week / or as recommended by our client. Sessions are prepaid by either bank transfer or transaction through Vodaphone Cash or Orange Cash. Once payment received, the session link will be sent to the student. Biology-online ensures an evaluation to every student after every session.

5. Products purchase

Our products - notes and classified questions with mark scheme -  are available for immediate purchase after filling a contact form and receiving payment by the same methods described above.

6. Contact form and signing up

Biology-online recommends sending your information via the contact form in "contact us" section, to be easily replied to. In order to watch our educational videos or gain access to the question bank, students /parents have to sign up on biology-online .