Q1.  How many students can be present during a tutoring session?

A1.  Not more than FOUR students.

Q2. How often and how long is a tutoring session?

A2.  Sessions are TWICE a week, each lasts for TWO hours.

Q3.  What's better in online tutoring?

A3.   Unlike face-to-face tutoring you need not travel out from the comfort of your home, you can attend 

         your session from anywhere you live.

Q4.   What are the things that I need for an online tutoring session?

A4.    You meed a laptop, a reliable broadband internet connection and a headset with a microphone .

Q5.   How can I receive assignments?

A5.   A weekly assignment is sent to students to answer. Students send me their answers for checking.

Q6.   How can I book my sessions?

A6.   Just send me a message, including your grade, exam board and exam timing through "contact me"

         section and I will send you all details by an email.

Q7.   How can I purchase notes and classified questions?

A7.    Just send me a message through "contact me" section and I will reply by an email.